Easy Peacock Drawings – The 7 Best Easy Drawings of a Peacock

Easy Peacock Drawings - Best easy drawings of peacocks
Easy Peacock Drawings – The Best Easy Drawings of Peacocks

This page will feature easy peacock drawings.  These drawings are the seven best easy drawings of a peacock.  You can also look at some peacock drawing images if you would like additional inspiration.

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Draw a Simple Peacock

Here’s how to draw a simple peacock to start.  This might even be suitable for kids to draw.

Simple Peacock Drawing
Simple Peacock Drawing
How to draw a Peacock | How to draw birds Drawing | Easy step by Step Drawing for kids

Easy Peacock Drawing

For the first of our easy drawings of a peacock, this one is a very easy peacock drawing.  It is probably the easiest as well.

Easiest peacock drawing
Easiest peacock drawing


How to draw a Peacock | Peacock Easy Draw Tutorial


Easy Drawing of Peacock with Color

Here is another very easy drawing of a peacock, but with some color added this time.  You can find a little bit harder peacock drawings after this one.

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Easy drawing of peacock with color
Easy drawing of peacock with color





Peacock Drawing with Colour

This next is going to be an easy drawing of a peacock with color.  It is done in two stages.  The first is just the drawing without the color.  The second stage will add the color to the peacock if you like.

Peacock drawing no colour
Peacock drawing no color
How to draw a Peacock step by step || Part- 1

This next video will add the color to the easy peacock drawing.

Peacock drawing with colour
Peacock drawing with colour
How to draw a peacock with colour pencil step by step || Part- 2

Simple Colorful Peacock Drawing

The next is a very simple peacock drawing, but it has a lot of color as well.  It can be colored with marker.

Simple colorful peacock drawing
Simple colorful peacock drawing
मोर का चित्र आसानी से बनाना सीखे //How to draw a Peacock | Peacock Easy Draw Tutorial

Draw a Cute Peacock Easy

Here’s how to draw a cute and easy peacock.  It has some color added as well.

How to Draw Cartoon Peacock Cute step by step

Final Thoughts on Easy Peacock Drawings

These have been 5 of the best easy peacock drawings.  You can find many more tutorials on this site.  You can find the complete list of Peacock Drawing Tutorials here.

Easy Peacock Drawings

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Easy Peacock Drawing

Easy Drawing of Peacock with Color

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Peacock Drawing with color

Simple Colorful Peacock Drawing

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