Peacock Feather Drawings – 8 Drawn Peacock Feathers & Designs

Peacock feather drawings
Peacock feather color drawing

Here are some of the best peacock feather drawings.  There are some simple drawn peacock feathers and more elaborate ones to choose from, as well as some designs.  Just click on an image to get a larger size.  Peacocks are beautiful creatures with magnificent feathers! If you want to learn to draw a peacock feather, you can find out at How Do You Draw a Simple Peacock Feather?

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Also, you can find The Best Peacock Drawings if you are looking for peacock drawings or peacock sketches.

Peacock Feather Drawings Gallery

Peacock Feather Sketch

Peacock feather sketch
Peacock feather sketch

Here’s a simple peacock feather sketch.

Easy Peacock Feather Drawing

Peacock feather drawing easy
Peacock feather drawing – Easy

Here’s a drawn peacock feather that might be easy for some to draw, as it doesn’t contain too much elaboration.

Peacock Feather Drawing in Black and White

Multiple peacock feather drawing in black and white
Multiple peacock feather drawing in black and white

Here’s a more elaborate peacock feather drawing in black and white with multiple feathers.  There is a simple drawing on the left, and more elaborate drawings on the right side.

Peacock Feather Color Pencil Drawing


Peacock feather in blue and green color
Peacock feather in blue and green color

Peacock Feather Drawing with Color

Here’s a peacock feather drawing in color with blue and green color that is detailed and elaborate.  Find a simpler one below.

Peacock feather color drawing
Peacock feather color drawing

A very lovely peacock feather drawing in color.  This one simpler and easier.

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Peacock brown feather drawing with color
Brown peacock feather drawing with color

Here’s another peacock feather drawing with color.  This one in mostly brown colors.

Peacock Feather Designs

Peacock feather drawing pattern in circle
Peacock feather drawing in circle pattern

This is a peacock feather drawing in a circular pattern.

Peacock feather design
Peacock feather design

A peacock feather design in black and white.

How to Draw a Simple Peacock Feather

This tutorial video will show you how to draw a simple peacock feather.  If you are looking for more tutorials on drawing peacock feathers, you can find them at How to Draw a Peacock Feather – Step by Step.

How to draw a peacock feather |simple & easy|

How to Draw a Simple Peacock Feather

What Does a Peacock Feather Symbolize?

The peacock feather has had many symbolic meanings throughout history and in many cultures.  There are so many that it would take an entire post to explain.  So many different mythologies and religions also featured the peacock and the peacock feather.  You can find out more at What does a peacock feather symbolize?

What Do Peacocks & Peacock Feathers Symbolize in Christianity?

Peacocks and Peacock Feathers are symbolic in Christianity.  The peacock sheds its feathers once a year and regrows them.  This is symbolic in Christianity of the Resurrection.  Also, peacock feathers have eyes which represent the Eyes of God, Who is all knowing and all present.

You can learn more at The Peacock and Peacock Feathers are Symbolic in Christianity.

Learn more about peacocks and peafowls.

If you are looking to learn to draw a peacock, you can do so at How to Draw a Peacock Step by Step with Pictures or you can view the easier drawings.