Free Dog Art Tutorials & Classes

Free Dog Art Courses and Tutorials

The following are some free art tutorials for drawing or painting dogs. All of these feature a step-by-step tutorial with pictures, and some even have a short mini-class to follow.  There is an option to unlock a more in-depth class for each of these as well if you choose. 1) How to Draw a Dog … Read more

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The Best Paintings of Dogs

Dogs playing poker under light painting

On this page, you will find some of the best dog paintings. You can click on any image for a full-size view. You can find dog paintings for sale by independent artists at Society6 Dog Paintings. Dog Paintings Gallery Common Questions What is the painting of the dogs playing poker? The painting of the dogs … Read more

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The Best Dog Drawings (Pictures & Images)

Dog drawings pictures and images

Here you will find some of the best dog drawings! These include pencil drawings, color drawings, realistic drawings of dogs and more! You can view full size images by clicking on each one. Dog Drawings Gallery View on Pinterest at Dog Drawings on Pinterest

How to Draw a Jackal Step-by-Step & Easy

How to draw a Jackal step by step and easy

This tutorial will show you different ways to draw a jackal, all step-by-step and easy methods. How to Draw a Jackal Step by Step How do you draw a jackal step by step?  The following tutorial will guide you.   Easy to Draw Jackal with Color Here is an easy to draw jackal with color. … Read more